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Fundación FUNO

It is a foundation created to improve the communities where FUNO operates. It aims at boosting Mexico´s education, infrastructure while reducing inequalities.


Our goal is to keep being a positive promoter in the transformation of the environment and lives of hundreds of families.

We are sure that through sustainable infrastructure, with the highest quality standards, we ensure basic conditions for the maximum development of the community's capacities.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

The incorporation of the SDG in our projects is another way of showing the commitment of FUNO and our founders with the development of Mexico and the communities with whom we work. The key SDG´s to achieve our strategy are:


Millions of pesos donated to Fundación FUNO to support infrastructure and education initiatives.



Phone number: 01-800-9100-311

E-mail: funo@tipsanonimos.com

Website: www.tipsanonimos.com/funo