Reforma 99, CDMX

2011 WE

  • FUNO® starts as the first REIT of Mexico.
  • We initiated with a portfolio of 13 properties.
  • We were the first real estate company to be listed in the Mexican Stock Exchange.
  • We had our first initial public offer.
Torre Mayo
Torre Mayor, CDMX

2012 WE

  • FUNO® conducts its 1st follow-on equity offering.
  • We acquired Morado, Verde, Blanco, Gris & Rojo portfolios.
  • Acquisition of Torre Mayor.
  • FUNO® closes its first third-party acquisition: the Azul portfolio.
Torre Diana
Torre Diana, CDMX

2013 WE

  • FUNO® conducts its 2nd follow-on equity offering.
  • FUNO® makes its debut on local debt markets, issuing a 10-year bond.
  • Acquisition of Apolo, Vermont, Colorado, P8, G30 & Torre Diana portfolios.
  • The Apolo acquisition represents the largest and most important real estate transaction in Mexico: 23 million pesos.
Samara, CDMX


  • FUNO® conducts its 3rd follow-on equity offering, this one being biggest 4th emission made by a Mexican company.
  • FUNO® enters international debt markets and becomes the first REIT in the world to issue a 30-year bond on its debut.
  • Apolo’s operative platform and a cutting-edge Oracle system are incorporated.
  • Acquisition of Samara, Hilton Centro Historico, La Viga & California portfolio.
Torre Caballito
Torre Caballito, CDMX

2015 WE

  • We created HELIOS. The first real estate development vehicle of its kind in Mexico, designed to execute large-scale and mixed uses projects for long gestation periods.
  • We acquired Kansas, Indiana, Florida, Utah, Oregon, Bufalo, Alaska and Hotel Vallarta portfolios.
  • FUNO® becomes the 1st REIT to obtain an unsecured, committed and dual-currency credit line.
Torre Cuarzo
Torre Cuarzo, CDMX

2016 WE

  • We had two bond issuances, one in Mexico and another one in international markets.
  • Acquisition of Torre Cuarzo, Hospital Puerta de Hierro, El Salto, Midtown Jalisco & Lamar.
  • FUNO® implements its environmental and sustainability strategy 100% internally.
  • FUNO® formalizes its co-investment with HELIOS for the development of the new Mitikah project in the south of Mexico City.
Patio Universidad
Patio Universidad, CDMX


  • FUNO® holds its 4th subsequent public offering.
  • We acquired Apolo II, Turbo & Frimax portfolios.
  • We carried out bond issuance locally.
Midtown, Jalisco

2018 WE WERE

  • FUNO® issues bonds for 9.2 billion pesos aproximately.
  • FUNO® is included in the Sustainability Index DJSI MILA for the 2nd year in a row.
  • We consolidated our participation in 70% of the Torre Mayor in Mexico City.
  • FUNO® announces the opening of Midtown Jalisco, a mixed-use development in Guadalajara, Jal.
San Martín Obispo II
San Martín Obispo II, Edo. de México

2019 WE GREW

  • We acquired the Titan portfolio, which added 74 industrial warehouses to our properties, which helped FUNO® reach a GLA of 10.1 million m².
  • We placed unsecured vouchers in the international market for 1 billion USD.
  • FUNO® is included for the 2nd year in a row in the Sustainability Index (FTSE4Good) of the London Exchange Market.
  • We were included in the Dow Jones for Emerging Markets Sustainability Index.
  • FUNO® remains for the 2nd year in a row in the Sustainability Index DJSI MILA.
Tlanepark II
Tlanepark II, Edo. de México


  • We acquired 6 Hercules properties and an expansion in Lago III.
  • FUNO® sells 98.8 million USD in properties.
  • We rebought 2% of CBFIs (77,027,606 in circulation).
  • In December we repaid the revolving credit facility willed in April corresponding to 6.75 billion pesos and 205 million USD.
  • FUNO® issues debt bonds for 650 million USD.
  • Thanks to our portfolio diversification, we managed to relieve COVID-19´s economic impact and maintained our solidity.


Phone number: 01-800-9100-311