• March 16th - UADG property is sold in Jalisco.
  • April 26th - Property located in Montes Urales 620 is bought in Mexico City.
  • May 3rd - Torre Diana building in Mexico City is certified as Leed Gold.
  • July 11th - FUNO is included in the FTSE4Good.
  • September 14th - FUNO issues bonds for aproximately 9.2 billion pesos.
  • September 17th - FUNO is included in the sustainability index DJSI MILA for the second year in a row.
  • December 4th - FUNO consolidates its participation in 70% of the Torre Mayor in Mexico City.
  • December 5th - Midtown Jalisco openning is anounced, a mixed-use development in Guadalajara, Jal.


  • FUNO holds its fourth subsequent public offering.
  • Acquisition of Apolo II, Turbo and Firmax portfolios.
  • FUNO carries out bond issuance, locally.


  • FUNO conducts two bond issuances: one in Mexico and one in international markets.
  • Acquisition of Torre Cuarzo, Puerta de Hierro, El Salto, and Midtown Jalisco.
  • FUNO implements its sustainability and environmental strategy 100% internally.
  • FUNO fomalizes its co-investment with HELIOS to develop the new Mitikah project in the south of Mexico City.


  • FUNO creates HELIOS, the first vehicle for real estate development of its kind in Mexico, designed to execute large-scale and mixed uses projects, for long gestation periods.
  • Acquisition of Kansas, Indiana, Florida, Utah, Oregon, Buffalo and Alaska portfolios.
  • FUNO is the first REIT to obtain an unsecured, committed, dual-currency revolving credit line.


  • FUNO conducts its third follow-on equity offering.
  • FUNO enters international debt markets and becomes the first REIT in the world to issue a 30-year bond in its debut.
  • The Apolo operating platform and a state-of-the-art Oracle system are incorporated.
  • Acquisition of Samara, Hilton Centro Historico, la Viga and California portfolio.


  • FUNO conducts its second follow-on equity offering.
  • FUNO makes its debut on local debt markets, issuing a 10-year bond, becoming the first FIBRA on issuing public debt, and opening yet another unsecured financing window.
  • Acquisition of the Apolo, G30, Vermont, Colorado portfolios and Parque Empresarial Cancún.
  • The Apolo acquisition represents the largest and most important real estate transaction in Mexico: 23 million pesos.


  • FUNO conducts its first follow-on equity offering.
  • Acquisition of the Morado, Verde, Blanco, Gris and Rojo portfolios and Torre Mayor.
  • FUNO broadens its Investor base, attracting capital mainly from American and European investors.
  • FUNO closes its first third-party acquisition: the Azul portfolio.
  • Acquisition of Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara.


  • FUNO becomes the first REIT of Mexico.
  • FUNO is created and conducts its IPO simultaneously under a complex global economic scenario, becoming the first publicly traded real estate firm in Mexico.
  • The entrace of FUNO to the financial markets provides a new asset class for both institutional and individual investors, and opens new financing windows for the sector.



Phone number: 01-800-9100-311

E-mail: funo@tipsanonimos.com

Website: www.tipsanonimos.com/funo