We are the first and largest REIT in Mexico. In FUNO we focus in the generation of sustainable value for our investors through the operation, acquisition, sale and development of real estate for commercial use.
The business philosophy of FUNO has its base on an extensive and deep knowledge, as well as in a decision process that is focused 100% in real estate.
From this, three basic pillars come forward, creating sustainable value through time.

  • The diversification of our portfolio by segments, clients and geographies.
  • Offering our clients the best product (location, location, location); at a competitive price which leads us to be the first ones to be leased and the last ones to be vacated through the Real Estate Cycle.
  • To keep a solid financial structure, with moderate leverage levels.



Phone number: 01-800-9100-311

E-mail: funo@tipsanonimos.com

Website: www.tipsanonimos.com/funo