Human Capital

Our employees are the basis and foundation of our company. Attracting and retaining key human capital is our main organizational goal, we are convinced happy and fulfilled employees, perform beyond standard and this is what we look for in all our employees.

Engaged and happy employees are key to our success. Hence, we strive to provide safe places to work, free of discrimination, where everyone can perform and develop personally and professionally with appropriate compensations for their work.

Amongst our key challenges in Human Capital are:

  • Encourage inter-department collaboration.
  • Communicate our processes and procedures.
  • Meassure performance with clear indicators and continuous feedback.
  • Emphasis on training and development.
  • Stablish effective communication mechanisms at all organizational levels.
  • Communicate our sustainability agenda.

Employee turnover ratio:

  • Direct employees: 17%
  • Subcontracted employees: 52%

We prevent excessive wage gaps with a salary range dashboard, measuring gaps amongst same level positions, regardless of age and gender. Middle and operative positions, receive an annual compensation increase with at least the inflation rate, subsequently each case is analyzed by its respective department director in case compensation needs to increase in accordance with their performance. All our employees enjoy a variable additional compensations in accordance with organizational and individual performance.

FUNO offers employee benefits that go beyond Mexican regulations; we do so in order to develop our human capital and retain key talent; such benefits are covered through ordinary organizational resources. Some benefits we offer are:

  • Life insurance.
  • Private Health insurance.
  • Public/Government Health insurance.
  • Maternity and paternity leave.
  • Pantry cupons.
  • Meal cupons.
  • Holidays beyond Mexican regulations.

Our talent retantion ratio when acquiring new properties is high, almost 95%. When we acquire new properties, we go above and beyond to keep existing employments whenever possible and economically feasible. All employees are fully informed of work conditions, benefits, etc. with at least 15 days’ notice.

Commitment with our people

Currently we are implementing mechanisms to monitor and communicate with our employees; so they can communicate back to us and vice-versa. In 2016, we launched our first organizational climate survey, aiming at listening employees opinions and suggestions

Our survey had the following objectives:

Evaluating 6 key areas.

In order to recognize accomplished employees and to share best business practices, we organize the annual managers meeting, in Mexico City; where we reward best performing managers on:

  • Best Commercialization strategy.
  • Best team work.
  • Best maintenance.
  • Best marketing.
  • Manager of the year.

Privacy and Communication

We have established several communication mechanisms to engage our employees and listen to them. The most relevant ones are:

  • Organizational environment survey
  • “Audit teams” evaluating individual profiles, team and individual needs, in order to reduce breaches.
  • Performance evaluations.
  • Individual feedback processes.
  • Newcomers meetings.
  • Managers annual meeting
  • Direct communication line with Human resources department.
  • email.
  • Open door policy with all our executive team.

All employee information and data is treated with extreme confidentiality; additionally we have implemented security and monitoring mechanisms for the safety of our employees and data protection. At all times the organization respects the personal and private life of its employees.

Diversity and Inclusion.

We provide equal opportunities to our employees; from the time of hiring to salary ranges, training, development, promotions and other employment conditions.

Our workforce represents, the communities where we operate. All municipalities where we are present, present high ethnic diversities. Our hiring processes promotes local hiring in order to have employees with knowledge of local sensitivities and the needs of our guests; this makes our composition a reflection of Mexico´s diversities.

To avoid sensitivities, we do not ask on ethnical or race background; this has allowed us to create working spaces free of discrimination and where Human Rights are respected.

En FUNO, trabajamos por crear espacios de trabajo seguros y libres de discriminación. Nuestro código de ética, las políticas y la cultura organizacional, buscan garantizar la inclusión y la igualdad sin importar género, edad, nacionalidad, etnia, raza, color, credo, lenguaje, opiniones, orientación sexual, estado civil, estado de salud (incluyendo VIH, vitíligo, etc.), ni preferencias políticas.

Trainning and Development

Training at FUNO is managed depending on each department’s needs, prioritizing in accordance with results from the Laboral environment survey, profile audits vs personal skills, and job descriptions.

Currently we are working on the development and training policy for Human capital. Nonetheless we have established guidelines to support employees with:

a. For professional training; we provide update courses, for technological skills and software’s, as well as for productivity and client orientation skills.

b. Subsidies for school; from Masters degrees to diploma courses, as well as to attend conferences and workshops.

c. External training totally or partially; Whenever needed, we pay for specializations, conferences and training courses which are aligned with our business are fully funded by FUNO.

d. Specialized training on health and safety, environmental procedures, ethics and anti-corruption practices. We continuously provide our employees training on these issues, including the Code of Ethics and our whistleblowing mechanisms.

Objectives and management for employee training are monitored through a dashboard under the SMART Methodology. Results are reviewed and backed by each head of department; such results help assign a metric which are also the foundation for annual salary raises.

Health and Safety

In our properties

We recognize our commitment to take care of our employees, our tenants, their guests and all of those who visit our properties. Hence when it comes to civil protection, we not only comply with applicable regulations but we attempt to go beyond it. With state of the are health and safety equipment, adequate safety and traffic signs and training to our employees and subcontractors.

We have developed prevention guidelines, as well as emergency response protocols; applicable to all our properties.

  • Response protocols in all our mix use and retail properties for:
    • Medical emergencies.
    • Natural disasters.
    • Metheorological phenomena.
    • Fire.
    • Public disturbances and others.
  • Drills.
  • Evacuation plans.
  • Human Rights watch.
  • Trainned safety personnel.
  • Insurance: employees, properties, third parties, etc.

Emergency protocols in our operations, ensure adequate identification as well as timely management of risk events.

Routine inspections are performed regularly, visiting each site; such inspections are covered by FUNOs employees, including executives, operational and maintenance teams, in order to ensure equipment’s are in optimal conditions and processes are being adequately followed.

Safety personnel

Our activities require subcontracting security personnel. At FUNO, we make sure we procure this service only from professional specialized businesses; at all times, we require them to prevent and avoid whenever possible the use of force and the abuse of power, as well as any abuse of Human Rights.

In all cases, our security personnel are allocated proportionately to existing risks and needs. Similarly, the contracts we have with them are designed to reduce rotation, minimizing operational risks.

Our employees

FUNO, provides its employees with a safe place to work; we take all appropriate precautionary measures, in accordance with the law to minimize risks and avoid danger in our operations. We upkeep the best possible conditions, including temperature automatization, air quality, ventilation and lighting, as well as appropriate cleaning and sanitary spaces for all employees.

The right to health is one Human Right we highly value and respect at FUNO; our commitment to take care of those who work for us, go beyond national regulations.

According to the Mexican Statistics Institute (INEGI) only 39% of Mexicans enjoy public health care services, at FUNO 100% of our employees either direct or subcontracted are affiliated to Mexican Public health care. Similarly, only 3.3 % of Mexicans enjoy private health care; at FUNO we offer this benefit to 100% of directly hired employees.

All our employees are trained to perform their duties. Particularly those in operational activities are provided with an emergency manual which allows them to quickly respond to emergencies, from natural disasters to safety breaches who may affect our properties.

At large we tend to avoid exposing our employees to toxic and chemical substances or dangerous processes which may put their health at risk. However, in some cases such as maintenance or precautionary activities where it is impossible to avoid handling such substances we provide adequate equipment and training for their activities.

Our maintenance department is the one responsible group-wide to inform our operative team on new available technologies or scientific advances, which may benefit or reduce risks in our operations.

To date we have not had any fatality, either in our operations or related to our operations.

Health Campaigns

Each year, FUNO performs a health circuit, through which we aim at creating awareness and promote well-beng amongst our employees; this health circuits inform them on their health status and consists of several phases:

Phase I: Communication campaign

These phases attempt and promoting awareness and engaging our employees to get involved and voluntarily participate in the circuit. During these period tips and relevant information are sent on possible diseases, causes and health risks, originating from our activitites.

Phase II: Check Ups to identify health risks
Check ups include:

1. Blood Chemestry

  • Glucose.
  • Cholesterol.
  • Triglycerides.

2. Physical check up

  • Weight.
  • Measurements.
  • BMI.
  • Waist-Hip Index.
  • % body fat.
  • % water.
  • % muscle.

3. Somatometry

  • Heart Rate.
  • Breathing frequency .
  • Oxygent concentration .
  • Body temperature.
  • Blood preassure.

Phase III: Commit to Action

The Health circuit consists of one day activities where all participants get to know their general health status and are trained on skills to improve their personal care and health; including nutrition, stress management and self-esteem.

Phase IV: Define your health goals and change

Through specific training and specialized mentoring, each participant worked on creating recommendations and establishing goals to promote individual health and consequently organizational health.

Phase V: Develop Skills and change habits

In order to promote active participation and full understanding of all the information provided, a few workshops and trainings are given to allow participant develop skills to improve particular needs such as stress management, personal nutrition, calorie intake, sugar intake, etc.

With it we focus not only on determining current health status but also in preventing possible diseases which may appear.

VI: Results

Each participant receives their own risk map.

FUNO´s risks map is as follows:

Additionally, in order to promote physical health and sports amongst our employees we annually participate in the Soccer tournament, consisting of 28 games for Boys and girls.

In 2017, we also participated in Casa Almanza’s Soccer Tournament as part of our social responsibility initiatives.

Finally, FUNO engages with tenant gymnasiums to provide our employees benefits or discounts for this services.



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