Stakeholder engagement

At FUNO we adopted the “International Integrated Reporting Framework” where the reporting of sustainability results should provide an overview on the nature and quality of the relationships between stakeholders and our organization.

We have established formal protocols to communicate with stakeholders from anyone who steps into our properties, to suppliers, tenants and CBFI holders.

We are convinced that collaboration and listening to our stakeholders is fundamental to our success and particularly to our sustainability strategy

Feedback has allowed us to identify particular issues our stakeholders expect from us and it has further pushed our sustainability agenda on issues such as Human Capital Development, water consumption and handicap inclusion to mention some.

To encourage feedback, we have established several communication mechanisms with our stakeholders:

Additionally, we have secondary communication mechanisms, such as the whistleblowing or ethics line which is open to our employees and suppliers; as well as periodic one on one meetings with government institutions and tenants.



Phone number: 01-800-9100-311