Ethics and Anti-corruption practices

Our Code of Ethics applies to all FUNO employees, including our Technical Committee, executive directives, subsidiaries and affiliates. In FUNO we do not make political contributions nor do we support any political organization. However, we respect individuals right to support or participate in Mexico´s political life.

Our Code of Ethics is a live document as it is continuously revised and updated. It covers issues on:

  • Human Rights.
  • Relationship with tenants.
  • Relationship with authorities.
  • Relationship with suppliers, service providers and contractors.
  • Conflict of interests.
  • Confidential information.
  • Anti-competitive practices.
  • Publicity and Marketing.
  • Transparency.
  • Gifts.
  • Anti-corruption.
  • Environmental conservation.
  • Health and Safety.

Our Code of Ethics, also reinforces our mission, vision and values; which are the guiding principles in our operations.

In 2016 100% of corporate employees and on-site managers, signed and received training on the Code of Ethics and whistleblowing mechanism. Currently we are expanding such training to the rest of our operational staff, of which 20% has been trained so far. Through communication strategies, training and the whistleblowing mechanism, we strive to inform and apply the Code of Ethics in all our properties.

In 2017, we have included an anti-corruption clause in all our contracts with suppliers; additionally we have required them to sign and comply with our Code of Ethics.


Sustainably increase the value in our estates, through the leasing, operation, acquisition and development in key locations and highly dynamic economical environments. Aiming always at synchronizing our business model with our tenants’ development strategy.


We will fulfill our mission, through the following objectives:

  • Be our tenants first option to solve their real estate needs.
  • Geographical and business diversification, allowing for high development potential.
  • Remain Mexico´s real estate leader, in leasing, operating and development.
  • Positively contribute to Mexico’s development, and transform the communities we work in.
  • Widen our portfolio through profitable acquisitions and developments, with favorable financial conditions and focused on creating sustainable value for our CBFI holders.
  • Upkeep an environmental and social commitment.
  • Driven by a sustainability focus.


  • Respect and development for our employees
    We support our employees development, allowing for economical, personal, professional and social growth, while having access to better opportunities.
  • Integrity and moderation
    We act in an honest, responsible way, observing all ethical principles. Always showing our respect towards co-workers, clients, tenants and investors.
  • Client oriented service
    We strive to identify and satisfy our tenants requirements, always providing quality, innovative, flexible and competitive solutions to their needs.
  • Creating social value
    Our purpose is to positively transform Mexico, contributing to community development everywhere we work, by creating economic, social and environmental value. At FUNO our main objective is to build, transform and accommodate development projects with the highest standards worldwide. It will allow us to grow, but also to generate wealth and employment in Mexico.

Whistleblowing mechanism

Our commitment to transparency, ethics and integrity, has led us to search for ways to empower our employees, suppliers and tenants, in order to ensure higher ethical standards in our operations. Hence in 2016 we opened an independent whistleblowing mechanism, available to employees and suppliers, through which they can notify us on any ethical, financial or moral breaches that may be happening in our operations.

Our whistleblowing mechanism, is confidential and operated by a third independent party, guaranteeing the privacy of whomever uses it and optimal transparency in handling the information. It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

All complaints, suggestions or breaches received, go to our ethics committee, which includes our CEO, our Deputy Chief Executive Officer and three vice-presidents; such committee is responsible the for follow up, monitoring and resolution of all notifications received.

In case one member of the ethical committee is involved in a breach, the ethical committee shall conduct the same process, but without such person.



Phone number: 01-800-9100-311