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Corporate Governance

FUNO´s philosophy is one of absolute respect and fair treatment, to all stakeholders, who not only trust in us, but also invest in our organization. We are committed to our tenants, CBFI holders, to the people and enterprises we make businesses with and to all communities we operate it; as well as with our employees. Hence, we believe in the implementation of the highest ethical standards to continue delivering positive impacts for all. This is the philosophy upon which we are committed to build a world class organization

FUNO is a Trust Fund, hence our Technical Committee is the equivalent to the Board of Directors. FUNO´s executive team, management and employees must upkeep high ethical standards of conduct. Our Code of Ethics is endorsed by the Board and covers anti-corruption practices, Human Rights issues, equality, non-discrimination clauses and dealings with both external and internal parties.

Compliance and Fair Business Practices

Conducting our business in a fair and just manner, has been the premise and the basis for our success. At FUNO, we vigorously compete, but always complying with all applicable legislation.

Our Ethics and Anti-corruption practices, establishes among other things:

  • We do not participate in any agreement that attempts to limit the free play of market forces in which we operate, and we will not use illegal means to advance our competitiveness in such markets.
  • All our employees, must hold a professional attitude towards competitors and upkeep FUNO´s principles and values; always protecting the organizations reputation.
  • Avoid making comments or any declaration involving a competitor, but when necessary to do so, we will do it in a just and objective manner.

As a result of our initiatives to promote fair business practices, FUNO has never been subject of any legal action for monopolist nor anti-competitive practices. We have also never been fined or been subject to any relevant legal process, derived from breaching laws or regulations on unfair business practices.



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