Working Conditions

We follow international labor standards, based on the ILO guidelines. Our employee's benefit from leisure time and working hours, allowing them to be productive based on their activities. Our working hour scheme varies depending on activities, however, all our employees have a minimum of 24-hour consecutive rest time, for every 6 working days; and at least 60-minute rest for every 8 working hours (usually it goes beyond this time).

Before hiring, all our prospective employees are well informed on payment schemes and all employment benefits; as well as their working status, which may be full-time, part-time, fixed-time contract or indeterminate contract; as well as direct contract with FUNO or through third parties.

Transparency and open information is another risk mitigation tool, we constantly use; with this, we try to prevent and avoid any abuse and occupational risk. Hence our HR team endeavors to make sure all contracts are fully understood by the prospects and that such contracts have all required information in a clear manner; including position, benefits employee's and payment schemes.

Economic retributions

Our economic retributions and employment benefits are competitive in the Mexican market, they are always paid on time and allow our employees a decent living standard in Mexico. All our salaries are above the minimum wage established by Mexican laws.

Employees hired in part-time schemes or through third parties, enjoy equivalent benefits to those hired directly by FUNO.

Our economic retributions are monitored constantly to guarantee equal remuneration in equal positions, regardless gender, ethnicity, age, etc.

FUNO does not uses salaries with disciplinary means, nor to sanction nor punish any employee.

Time Off and Holidays

Our employees enjoy more statutory holidays than those allowed by the Mexican law.

In case of sickness, we allow those recommended by the doctor and do not affect vacation days.

Maternity and Paternity leave, comply with Mexican regulations and allow a minimum of three months for the mother and 5 days for the father, during which they have the right to receive full salary and retain their job.

Forced Labor and Freedom of Association

Any employee with direct or indirect contract with FUNO, may end their working relationship with the company at any time. FUNO makes sure, they receive proper compensation in accordance with the law without retaining any salary nor benefits as sanctions.

FUNO does not retains licenses, passports, birth certificates, or any other personal document which may force employees to continue their working relationship with us. Correspondingly, in case we require and if they have performed accordingly, FUNO grants recommendation letters or any other document which may facilitate their employment elsewhere.

All employees have the freedom to leave the premises during their breaks and leisure time; as well as at the end of their working hours.

FUNO does not charge candidates any quota during our selection process.

Freedom of Association

We recognize our employee´s rights; including that of freedom of association, as well as the ability to organize and adhere to any professional and labor association of their preference.



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