Our strategy

Water availability in Mexico is a major problem and it has become relevant in the last few decades, according to official figures from INEGI, water availability is distributed as follows:

At FUNO we are conscious of such national struggle and of the impact our operations have on those states below average availability. Hence we have taken measures to promote efficient use, reuse and treatment of waste water within our operations.

Such actions, not only preserve an invaluable natural resource, but it also reduces our operational costs and prevents maintenance costs.
Currently our water consumption is distributed as follows.

Our strategy to efficiently use this resource, includes the folowing activities:

  • Monitor and measure our consumption across our portfolios; if we do not measure it we cannot improve it.
  • Leak detection, control and reduction.
  • Calibrated flowmeters.
  • Night watering to reduce evaporation and increase permeation.
  • Waste water analysis.
  • Increase our % of waste water treatment plants fully functioning in our estates.

Striving for resilience

70% of our shopping malls have waste water treatment plants: treated water complies with national regulations and NOM-002, it is also constantly monitored and sent for garden watering, municipal sewage system or used for aquifer recharge.

At FUNO, we strive to include eco-efficient technologies in our estates, in order to gurantee optimal use of this resource. Whenever we make improvements or important investments on eco technologies, we prioritize those estates with intensive water use, aiming at better cost-benefit and increased positive impact on the use of water and water availability to communities around.

We also verify our waste water complies with regulation and does not negatively damage ecosystems or surrounding communities.



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