FUNO® Outreach Program

FUNO Foundation is looking for sustainable infrastructure initiatives in the communities where we operate, supporting also education, local employment and/or environmental conservation. The 3 winners may receive up to 5 million Mexican pesos to be implemented.

This outreach program, aims at creating social value through our employees which are responsible of registering the initiatives, reaching out and creating partnerships with NGO´s, Foundations or Civil Associations to execute the initiatives.

Reach out to our property managers in any of our Shopping malls or office buildings or write directly to

For further information, please download our guidelines here. The registration date will be from October 1st to October 30th, 2020.

2019 Selected

77 projects proposed by 52 Fibra Uno® properties, located in 21 states of Mexico.


Project name: Nadie lucha solo

Amount donated: $ 3,626,948.11

Foundation: Fundación Aitana A.C.

FUNO´s property sponsoring: La isla II Cancún

Beneficiaries: 300 direct and 100 indirect

Project description:
Fundación Aitana is located in Pedregal neighborhood in Cancun, Quintana Roo. This shelter provides support to children and youth with cancer who cannot attend other schools due to medical conditions, or require lodging while receiving medical care and are out of their community. Currently it has a hostel with some facilities such as a playroom, a special area for teenagers and babies, dining room, bedrooms and school. In this way, the project consists of the construction of a classroom for 28 students, in which children will learn english and computer skills. Likewise, it is intended to build a third floor (in which more people can be lodged) an indoor court and a stage for sports and cultural activities. Additionally, the complex will be equipped with solar panels for lighting.

Project name: Sustentando el futuro

Amount donated: $ 5,000,000.00

Foundation: Unidos por la Montaña A.C.

FUNO´s property sponsoring: FIBRA UNO® Headquarters

Beneficiaries: 1,376

Project description:
This project consists of carrying out strategic actions that will positively have an impact on health, food, income, environment, social cohesion, basic services, infrastructure, housing and education of the communities located on Puma Rosa, El Limón and Zapote Blanco. These are communities living below the poverty line and in unreachable areas in Guerrero´s Mountain range, Mexico. The starting point of each one of the actions will be training, teaching inhabitants to elaborate stabilized adobe and to encourage community work to generate roots and social cohesion in the communities. During the development of the works, the members of the communities which decide to participate in the construction will receive wages equal to those paid in the cities. Additionally, there will be a vermicompostary and the extension of the roof of an existing one, as well as the development of 35 backyard agroecological orchards. A house for rural teachers will be renovated, 48 kitchens will be built with wood-saving stoves, communities will be reforested, 13 homes will be improved and a preschool will be built.

Project name: Installation and commissioning of a wastewater treatment plant for irrigation use in the botanical garden of Acapulco and its energy system through the installation of solar panels

Amount donated: $ 1,305,255.00

Foundation: Jardín Botánico de Acapulco A.C.

FUNO´s property sponsoring: Galerías Diana, Acapulco

Beneficiaries: 3,020 direct

Project description:
The botanical garden of Acapulco borders “Cumbres de Llano Largo” neighborhood, a community that covers an area of ​​approximately 67 hectares, in which 756 housing units are located and pour their sewage through the “open sky” riverbed , which crosses the garden facilities and finally flows into the sea. Consequently, this project aims to use and properly treat these black waters, which will result not only in a garden irrigation benefit but also in the Acapulco´s community, since it prevents these contaminated waters from reaching Acapulco Bay, ultimately having a positive impact on the wellbeing and health of the entire population.
The above will be carried out through the installation of a Wastewater Treatment Plant whose energy supply will be through the installation of solar panels.



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